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Why You’ll Enjoy Working With Us

FREE - one word we all love to see. Hassle-free, stress-free and literally FREE!

When you sell with us, you won’t spend a single dime and we will do all the work for you. Our goal is to close your property -- no matter what! Think about your next big goal... our goal is to help make it a reality by funding it with a cash closing!

They say when something seems too good to be true, it often is. So... let us explain why this process is an exception to the rule; How does our company actually work?

Our acquisitions team initially calls you requesting basic property information. They review our typical company procedures with you to determine if working together is a good fit for both parties.

Next, we review conditions & comparables sold in the last 6 months in order to send you a fair, factual offer based on researched data. We’ve worked with many homeowners and landlords of all walks of life with all types of property, and we pride ourselves on being fair and honest with pricing as well as flexible with your situation and needs.

When we send a contract offer, it is valid for 48 hours, during which we are available to sit down, review it together, and answer any questions or concerns you may have about the contract wording.

Why only two days? We are sincere and sure about working together. If you are not sure after a couple of days of thinking about selling, even after we have addressed any concerns you may have, we would prefer to send a new contract offer at a more opportune time for you.

After the contract is fully executed by both parties, client relations will give an introduction call, review account information, and schedule a photography appointment. Once photos are provided, our team and our funding partner team in our network reviews them to verify the condition of the property that was given during the initial call.

When an inspection is set, you’re definitely moving toward closing your property! After the inspection is complete, we send our closing attorney the needed files and set a close date! At this point, our client relations specialist will provide you with our closing coordinator's contact information for an introduction and review of closing expectations and paperwork needs. We are near the finish line when the closing attorney orders title work and clears the property to close!

Once the closing documents are signed, simply wait for your payout through your chosen payment method - check or electronic funds transfer.

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