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Amy Rowe


I grew up in a family real estate company and started helping and learning the business at 12 which included filing, answering phones, scheduling deliveries and learning about first class customer service. Started this business in 2012 and built over 600 new homes and bought, leased and sold properties since 2001. I want people to have a life they love and a thriving community to share it with.


I'm a commercial instrument rated pilot with an Aerospace Engineering degree from Auburn University.

I’m a wife, mom, daughter, sister, coach, and friend. I have a great passion for people. I’ve served on multiple boards and was Chairman of the board for Mt. Bethel United Methodist Church and chairman for the airport advisory board at McCollum airport in Cobb County.

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Alysaun Knox

COO/Closing Coordinator

I have worked in real estate for 7 years, working for large scale entities before I joined Red Top Real Estate. I love that our company sets itself apart by aiming to make a difference for everyone we speak with, and creating the best possible experience.  Everything I do, I aim to do so with integrity, and will sacrifice to ensure our clients are taken care of.


I have five kids (a modern day Brady Bunch!), two rescue dogs (one from a kill shelter in TN and one from Rosarito, Mexico).  Reared in New England and Southern California, I have an effective combination of SoCal friendliness and New England tenacity. I love to win (for my clients), but will do so with a calm demeanor and a smile.

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Ann De Guzman

Acquisitions Manager

I always aim to communicate professionally with the clients. My background in teaching comes very handy with this.  Being a teacher means wanting the best for the students when it comes to educating them. Same goes with how I approach my clients, figuring out how to give the best for them.  


I like watching movies, cooking, and dancing. Just last year I discovered that I have a green thumb, so I started collecting indoor plants and succulents. I also volunteer in some book reading activities for kids to promote the importance of books vs gadgets. 

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Wyoming Pruitt


I received my AAS and Technical Certificate in Accounting, as well as a certification for professional bookkeeping and payroll in December 2021. I have been working with the company since February 2022 and couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity.  


I am married with 2 kids. I enjoy reading, going camping, swimming, hiking, skating with the kids, and even bowling (sometimes).  

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